Europapunt train

Acting quickly and seizing upon a moment of social media frenzy can be a clever way for brands to make a splash. This is exactly what Sweet Creatives agency did for Sweden’s during an election campaign when a Sweden Democrat MP caused a stir with a xenophobic tweet, in which he posted a picture of a train covered in his party logo with the caption “Return-migration train. You have a one-way ticket. Next stop Kabul!”. 

In response, published a similar tweet but with an inclusive message that celebrated rail travel as a way of exploring different cultures. The tweet read “Welcome to the train. You hold an Interrail pass. Next stop, cultural exchange, diversity, and peace! For 50 years, Interrail has stood for unlimited travel in 33 countries and promotes openness, freedom, and tolerance.” The text was accompanied by an image of a train dressed in the advertisement for Interrail’s 50th anniversary. The tweet quickly went viral and generated valuable engagement for the brand, helping to raise awareness of its service. Overall, judges were impressed by Europarunt’s agility, as well as the inclusive sentiment behind the campaign.

Winner: & Sweet Creatives